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Co-Public Works Directors, Staff Help PdC Thaw

Another arctic blast with temperatures well below freezing, and well below zero at night, isn’t make life any easier for public works managers in area communities.

Terry Meyer of Prairie du Chien says that is the largest volume of frozen sewer mains that he has seen in his 25-plus years of service to the city. His wastewater staff has received reports of 22 frozen sewer laterals and have thawed 3 frozen sewer mains in the city.

Meyer is the city’s co-public works manager along with Larry Gates. Gates says that they have thawed 95 customer’s water services and only have three currently remaining to thaw. He says that it’s still very important that everyone that is running their water continue to do so until officially informed not to.

Bottled water, courtesy of Wal-Mart, is still available at City Hall for city residents with disrupted water service. Showers are also available at Hoffman Hall for city residents who do not have running water.

People have been cooperative and patient, according to Gates.

Gates and Meyer say that this will be a long process, but they are optimistic that the worst is over.