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Nobody Hurt During 12-Hour Bridgeport Stand-Off

Nobody was hurt during a 12-hour standoff between Police and a Bridgeport man barricaded in his bedroom with numerous weapons.

Police responded around 3:30pm Sunday afternoon to a call of an ongoing domestic dispute in a home on Cyprus Lane in Bridgeport Township.

Prior to officers arriving, the 36-year old man had barricaded himself, and weapons, inside his bedroom. Upon arrival, Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputies took the man’s 34-year old wife and their four children out of the home and to safety.

The home was surrounded by members of the Crawford County Crisis Resolution Team (CRT), which is made up of members of the Sheriff’s Department, Prairie du Chien Police Department, and the Wisconsin State Patrol. Tri-State Ambulance was on standby, waiting less than a mile away from the scene.

“Myself, Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram, and two CRT Team leaders discussed our options,” Sheriff Dale McCullick said, “we decided based on the fact that the general public was in no way threatened, we were going to secure the residence and wait him out.”

The Crisis Team had constant voice contact with the man and were continually trying to talk him out of the room.

Almost 12 hours after the initial call, the man placed his gun outside the bedroom and walked out.

McCullick said the outcome was exactly what they wanted, “The male subject was extremely paranoid and delusional and sometimes those types of situations don’t end up this well. All of the officers involved did a great job.”

No information has been released yet on the current status of the man.